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Industrial internet platform helps GETDZ enterprises achieve high growth

Updated: 2021-08-05 16:51:31

Recently, the Guiyang Economic and Technology Development Zone (GETDZ) proposed building a regional comprehensive industrial internet platform to encourage industrial enterprises to make use of cloud technology.

In 2019, GETDZ released a three-year action plan for the development of the industrial internet. In the first half of 2020, GETDZ and Baidu cooperated to establish Guizhou Baixun Zhihui Technology Co.

Guizhou Baixun Zhihui Technology Co has accelerated the establishment of an industrial internet platform in GETDZ while learning about the needs of enterprises.

Through the connection of sensors, smart devices, and the network, it encourages enterprises, equipment, and products to use the cloud platform, and sends engineers, architects, and other teams to provide door-to-door services for enterprises and help them cultivate technical talent.

In May of this year, the company also released the industrial internet brand "Kaiwu". Relying on artificial intelligence technology, the brand provides industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing solutions to industrial enterprises, industrial chains, and regional industrial clusters.

Guizhou Huachang Group Modeling Plastic Co, based on GETDZ, has realized the intelligent management of safety production with the help of the industrial internet platform. In the office, staff members can learn about the operating conditions of various sections of the workshops through computers. Just a year ago, it was necessary to check each area one by one.

GETDZ is currently accelerating the deployment of software and hardware of the industrial internet platform.

By 2025, it will create five pilot demonstration projects for the integration of the manufacturing industry and internet, cultivate 15 provincial-level benchmark projects for the integration of big data and the industrial real economy, and complete the intelligent transformation of 60 projects.

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